2024 Non-Profit Risk Management Guide


In our 2024 guide you will find detailed descriptions of 300+ risks that face non profits and charities of all sizes covering domains from IT and cyber security, to finance, equity and inclusion and more.


Hey there, brave leader! Ready to tackle the unseen risks in your organization, big or small? You’re at the right place. Our book is a treasure trove of insights that’ll help you navigate potential challenges with confidence.

About the Book:

Our book is like your personal guide through the jungle of risks. Each chapter is a new adventure – starting with a sneak peek into a specific risk, followed by the main hotspots to watch out for. We’ve included real-life stories from businesses like yours so you can learn from their journey. And the best part? Each chapter wraps up with smart strategies you can tailor to your organization, no matter its size.

About the Author:

Carmen Reis has been a non-profit consultant for over 10 years, and in conjunction with a team of experienced industry leaders, she has developed a new model for assessing risk in a practical way.

Case Studies:

Dive into our pool of case studies from businesses of all shapes and sizes. They’re not just stories, but lessons you can learn and strategies you can steal. See how they turned their challenges into stepping stones.

Get Your Copy:

Ready to bulletproof your organization against the unpredictable? This book is your secret weapon! Grab your copy today and step up your risk management game.